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[09 Feb 2006|04:02pm]
I almost feel like I shouldn't post this, but I hardly care what people think so this shouldn't be any different...right?

Anyway...who is gay/bi and in AKPsi...and more importantly who is gay/bi and going to Success in ATL. I need a clubbing partner.
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SI! [08 Feb 2006|12:32am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey all,

It's SI time again (which you should all well know!) and that means a great brotherhood opportunity! I really hope I get to meet a few of you, so who all is going to SI in Atlanta this year?

Zeta Lambda (UT Knoxville)

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Hazing?? [18 Jan 2006|01:55am]

[ mood | curious ]

Have any chapters been acused of hazing a pledge based on giving a long interview, than asking them to re-write it because of crumped up words, and stray marks on pages, or because it was just not neat and profesional looking?? What about because to much personal info was revealed?? Wasn't the whole purpose of the interview for the pledges to get to know the brothers and vise versa??

What about being acused of being hazed because the pledge was called a pledge, or had to wear the pledge pin?? What about because a pamphlet was "thrown" at them, and told that they needed to memorize the information??

In U & I...

Zeta Phi
Clarksville TN,
Austin Peay State University

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Zeta Phi needs help [30 Nov 2005|03:46pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Ok so the zeta phi chapter (Clarksville) is having a bit of recruiting problems, next fall, there will only be a very small hand full of us left, unless we can do some serious recruiting.

The only marketing stratagies that we have right now are, a table in the business building, and than we have one we put up in the U. C. (main building on campus, with the cafateria and such in it) and of course word of mouth / association.

Can any one share any marketing stratagies or any suggestions on how your chapter gets brothers to join.

In U & I....


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points? [23 Sep 2005|06:06pm]

I'm on a committee formed to determine if a points system is neccessary/beneficial to our chapter.

We were "strongly suggested" to form a points system, as many other national chapters already have them in place, and I was wondering if I could recieve some information from brothers in chapters with functioning points systems, as we are designing our own from scratch (more than likely).

Please locate my e-mail address in the userinfo and e-mail me details (if you choose to do so).

In u + i

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Iota Tau Chapter! [01 May 2005|10:52pm]

Hey everyone!!

My name's Nicki Osborn. On April 23rd, 2005 I was initiated into the Iota Tau Chapter at the University of San Diego for AKPsi, along with 8 others. I'm from the Seattle area and I just found this community on LJ. I love AKPsi already! :) I'm going to be a sophomore next semester. Hope to talk to some of my fellow brothers soon!

Also -- I was just elected Director of InterChapter Relations for Iota Tau, so this will be a great way to expand/work with that. :)

In U... & I...
Nicki Osborn
Iota Tau Chapter
University of San Diego
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Rho Chapter Presents: Spring Cruise 2005 [28 Apr 2005|10:30pm]


Alpha Kappa Psi
Rho Chapter Presents: Spring Cruise 2005

Argosy Cruises
Seattle, Washington

Saturday, May 14th
9:00 - 12:00 PM

Theme: "All Black or All White Attire"... Wear all black or white, any type of clothing.

Tickets Available Now!

Open to all Brothers, Alumni and Active Pledges of AKPsi.

Contact: akappsi@u.washington.edu

To see our Teaser video, visit our Chapter Website: http://students.washington.edu/akappsi/
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[23 Apr 2005|02:56am]

Well guys.. this is it.. my last day as a pledge, Pledge Review 3 (Honor Court) is today starting at 9. I cant wait!!! Such an amazing semester this has been. now ill finally find out what in U & I means!!!
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National Convention in Vegas! [19 Apr 2005|06:30pm]

Who else is planning on going to Las Vegas for the Convention in August? And what chapter are you from?
new Brother from Mu Nu chapter
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Key Chain ID holder [28 Mar 2005|01:47pm]

Hey! I was wondering if any one knows where I can find an AKPsi key chain/ID holder. I've seen them a lot for the sororities, and would really like one. I have one with my school on it, but I'd love to sport the AKPsi letters.

If any of you have seen them around (online or in your town) please let me know!

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Shot Glasses at Success in Atlanta [24 Feb 2005|09:31pm]

[ mood | Buy Me ]

For those of you going to Atlanta this weekend for success. Find the Zeta Phis chapter clarksville TN. and buy a shot glass that lights up and say you are buying it for bryan's fundraiser and to have it count for bryan. They are two for six dollars or one for four they are really awsome!!!

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Success in Atlanta [21 Feb 2005|11:02pm]

Is anyone going to Success in Atlanta this weekend?
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R-E-N-O [21 Feb 2005|05:27pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So Success Institute in Reno was so much fun! Did everyone who went have a good time?

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Success Institute [18 Feb 2005|12:37am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Is everyone excited for Success Institute? I'm heading out to Reno tomorrow morning with the Alpha Nu chapter at the University of Arizona, so if you're going, I'll see you there! I'm looking forward to a full-filled weekend of AKPsi! :-D Have a good time everyone that's going!

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[17 Feb 2005|10:53pm]

Hey everyone! Rho Chapter AKPsi is doing the Relay for Life!

Let's Stop Cancer Now!

I know far too many people whose lives have been touched by cancer, that includes my father. Chances are, you know them too. That’s why I’m taking action against cancer by supporting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life event here in Seattle.

Relay for Life is an overnight event that unites our community in a common effort to raise much-needed funds for cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient services. Every year, the funds we raise help bring the American Cancer Society one step closer to eliminating cancer from our lives for good, but we can’t stop now. Because there’s no finish line until there’s a cure.

I hope you’ll be able to join us for this year’s event. Please click on the link below for more information, including details of the inspirational Survivors’ Lap and the moving Luminaria Ceremony. If you can’t join us, will you please visit the site and make a donation to support our efforts? Either way, you will make a real difference in the lives of people facing cancer – and in the lives of the people who love them. Thank you!

For state fundraising notices and the American Cancer Society's Privacy Policy, please paste this link into your browser: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/SU/su_0.asp

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Relay For Life of University of WA. If that doesn't work, use the link below. Thanks again for visiting my LiveJournal, and if you donate, much thanks, from me, my father, and Rho Chapter.



In U... and I...
Andrew Lee
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Gmail Accounts! [08 Feb 2005|11:02am]

Hey Brothers!!!

I know this is not a normal post, but if any of you would like a 1GB Google Gmail email account, I have invites. just leave your email, and I'll sent you an invite...

In U... and I...


Andrew Lee
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Zeta Lambda Rushes! [07 Feb 2005|05:25pm]
Zeta Lambda Rush
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

132 Rushees
103 Bids Extended
91 Pledges Pinned
1 Exhausted but Very Proud VP of Marketing
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Pledge Review [06 Feb 2005|12:01am]

can someone explain (I am sure in-depth is against the confidentiality stuff) but I was wondering what the pledge review is. Is it like all the pledges review stuff they have learned or they review each pledge and decide who stays and who doesnt. Thanks!
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Valentine's Day "EURO-DISCO" - Rho Chapter, Seattle, WA [05 Feb 2005|03:44pm]

If you are a Brother of AKPsi, and going to be in the Seattle Metro Area, Rho Chapter would like to invite you to:


E-mail us if you want to come, and we'll make sure you get all the details.

In U... And I...

Andrew Lee
Alpha Kappa Psi | Rho
Chapter Executive Board Member
University of Washington
Department of Economics
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Success Institute 2005 - Chicago [04 Feb 2005|07:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Brothers,

I'm from the Tau Upsilon chapter (http://akpsi.truman.edu) at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri (Central Region). Just wanted to see if any of the chapter on here were planning on going to the Chicago Success Institute? I went last spring, which was my first semester as an Active, and thought it was the best brotherhood event possible :) And I'm sure this semester will be equally amazing on account of the fact that we're celebrating our Centennial. Who would have guessed that 10 guys meeting in an assembly room in Greewhich Village would have lead to all this!

In U & I,

AKPsi For Life

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