Andrew (andrew_lee) wrote in alpha_kappa_psi,

Valentine's Day "EURO-DISCO" - Rho Chapter, Seattle, WA

If you are a Brother of AKPsi, and going to be in the Seattle Metro Area, Rho Chapter would like to invite you to:


E-mail us if you want to come, and we'll make sure you get all the details.

In U... And I...

Andrew Lee
Alpha Kappa Psi | Rho
Chapter Executive Board Member
University of Washington
Department of Economics
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Awww! Sounds fun.....but yeah, SoCal isn't close. :/ Have fun with that!
If you are going to Reno... we'll see you there! More good times to come!
I want to go!! Not fair. That flier rocks-- who are you coordinating with? Do you actually have good relations with other Greek organizations on campus?

Sarah -- Zeta Lambda
Thanks, we don't usually make fliers for our In-Chapter Events, but we are trying to attract more inter-chapter relations, so I spent a few minutes and made one. Since this is unofficial, there is no coordination, but when we have events, like our Brotherhood Alumni Event, we worked with the Business School to help us make things happen. We are currently trying make things happen with Beta Alpha Psi...and other greeks... but it's hard...